Term of the Day


Undertaking given to compensate for (or to provide protection against) injury, loss, incurred penalties, or from a contingent liability. A shipping company, for example, will ask for a bank’s indemnity for releasing a shipment to a consignee who has lost original shipping documents. The bank in turn will require the consignee to sign a counter-indemnity before issuing its indemnity to the shipping company. This way the consignee gets the release of shipment in completion of a transaction, and both the shipping company and the bank are protected in case some dispute arises out of that transaction. See also letter of indemnity.

Cam kết (promise, undertaking) đưa ra đền bồi cho
        (hoặc cung cấp bảo vệ đối với các trường hợp..)  thương tích, mất mát, bị phạt vạ hoặc nợ phát sinh (contingent liability).



indemnity:   /ɪnˈdem.nə.ti/

bồi thường : một hình thức bảo vệ đối với các thiệt hại hay mất mát (damage or loss), dưới dạng một cam kết thanh toán (promise of payment), hay trả tiền nếu xảy ra các thiệt hại hay mất mát đó   //protection against possible damage or loss, especially a promise of payment, or the money paid if there is such damage or loss


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