Indian journalist held for attack on Israeli envoy

7 March 2012 Last updated at 02:06 ET

Grab from Indian TV showing burning car outside Israeli embassy in Delhi, India - 13 February 2012

Indian TV showed pictures of the burning car outside the Israeli embassy in Delhi
Truyền hình Ấn Độ cho thấy hình ảnh chiếc xe bị cháy bên ngoài tòa đại sứ Israel ở Delhi

Police in India say they have arrested a Delhi-based journalist (một nhà báo hành nghề ở New Delhi) in connection with (dính líu tới ) last month’s bomb targeting (nhằm vào) an Israeli diplomat’s wife in the city.

A freelance (tự do) Indian journalist has been arrested and is being questioned, (đang được thẩm vấn) police spokesman Rajan Bhagat said.

A motorcyclist placed a device on the embassy car in Delhi at a traffic light (cột đèn giao thông) on 13 February. The blast injured four people, one seriously. (vụ nổ làm bị thương 4 người, trong đó 1 người rất nặng)

Israel blamed Iran for the attack but Tehran has denied the charge.

Indian officials have refused to point the finger while the investigations continue. (không muốn quy kết ai trong khi công tác điều tra còn tiếp tục ) Syed Mohammed Kazmi was arrested on Tuesday after investigations showed he had been in touch with a suspect police believed might have stuck a magnetic bomb to the diplomat’s car, the Associated Press news agency quoted Mr Bhagat as saying (hãng tin AP trích dẫn ông Bhagat đã phát biểu như trên).

Police said they had searched Mr Kazmi’s house over the past two days to gather evidence, but gave no details of what they found.

Reports said Mr Kazmi, 50, was an Indian citizen who worked as a journalist for an Iranian publication.

In the attack in February, the wife of an Israeli defence ministry official was seriously wounded. She underwent spinal surgery in the city before she was flown to Israel.

David Goldfarb, the spokesman for Israel’s Delhi embassy, said the diplomat’s car was close to the building on Aurangzeb Road when the explosion went off.

On the same day, a bomb underneath a diplomat’s car in the Georgian capital Tbilisi was defused.

Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu said Iran was behind both incidents.

But Iranian officials denied the claims as “sheer lies”.


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