$325 mln counterfeit ring busted (2:02)

Băng làm tiền giả 325 triệu đô bị phá

Mar 2 – 2012

Summary of business headlines: TÓM TẮT CÁC TIN TỨC KINH DOANH HÀNG ĐẦU
U.S. authorities break up (phá vỡ) one of the biggest counterfeit rings (tổ chức tội phạm chuyên làm tiền giả);
Wall Street ends Friday trade lower, but posts mixed results for the week. Phố Wall đóng cửa ngày Thứ sáu mức giao dịch thấp nhưng kết quả trong tuần có giảm có tăng.
AT&T is changing its policy (thay đổi chính sách) for high data smartphone (smart phone tốc độ truyền dữ liệu cao) users with unlimited data plans

Conway G. Gittens reports. Reuters

It’s being called one of the biggest counterfeit smuggling busts (vụ phá án buôn lậu tiền giả) in U.S. history. Authorities say more than two dozen people (hơn hai mươi người) were arrested in the U.S. and China, charged with running a $325 million fake goods operation (hoạt động làm hàng giả), involving several well known brands including Nike sneakers (giày NIKE), Louis Vuitton handbags (túi xách), and UGG boots (ũng). The more than two year undercover operation (chiến dịch phá án) showed the goods were smuggled through (chuyền lậu qua) the port of New Jersey, the busiest part on the East Coast.

AT&T is changing its policy for high data smartphone users with unlimited data plans (). The No. 2 U.S. wireless carrier will start slowing down speeds for internet use and downloads for customers who reach a certain limit before the end of each month. AT&T says it has to do this in order to manage its network and keep service flowing (giữ dịch vụ thông suốt) for all customers. Nearly 49,000 people have signed an online complaint (bản khiếu nại trực tuyến) on change.org.

There were few complaints as Yelp made its market debut (=IPO). Shares of the review website priced above its expected offering price at $15 a share, closing with a gain of nearly 64 percent. Yelp’s debut is the latest in a strong of hot initial public offerings from the Internet sector. Looking at market action: that IPO was not enough  (không đụ sức) to liven up (làm vực dậy) Wall Street after stocks hit pre-crisis levels (mức cao trước khủng hoảng) earlier in the week.

For the week – the Dow was a loser, (xuống điểm) but the Nasdaq was a hit (tăng điểm mạnh). Investors are skeptic. (hoài nghi) SOUNDBITE: HILDA ROSENSTIEN, INVESTOR, TEXAS (ENGLISH) SAYING: “I’ve always had the attitude that it’s up and down and up and down and if it’s up then it’s probably going to go back down so it’s the luck of the draw (chuyện đỏ đen may rủi). That’s the stock market.” SOUNDBITE: JEAN HOFFMAN, INVESTOR, NEW YORK (ENGLISH) SAYING: “I understand the stock market is doing well (có khởi sắc) right now, the average person  (mọi người nói chung) doesn’t feel that.” In European action, investors were not willing to make any big changes ahead of the weekend.
Conway Gittens, Reuters


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