Yemen car bomb kills 26 (1:10)

Đánh bom bằng xe hơi tại yemen  làm chết 26 người

Feb. 26 – A suicide bomber in Yemen kills 26 just hours after the new president is sworn in. Masako Iijima reports. Một vụ đánh bom bằng xe hơi tại Yemen chỉ vài giờ sau khi tân tổng thống mới vừa tuyên thệ đã giết chết 26 người.

( Transcript)


Hiện trường vụ nổ bom


Just hours after (chỉ vài giờ sau khi) Yemen’s newly-elected president (tổng thống mới được bầu) was sworn in, a suicide bombing (đánh bom tự sát). At least 26 people were killed in the blast (vụ nổ, explosion) claimed by al Qaeda(mà .. tuyên bố nhận trách nhiệm)  outside a presidential palace (dinh tổng thống) in the south of the country. Witnesses (những người chứng kiến) said a car drove to the gates of the building in Mukalla, Yemen’s fourth-largest city, far from the capital Sanaa where Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi was sworn in (tuyên thệ). It blew up shattering (làm vỡ nát) doors and windows of structures nearby (nhà cửa gần đó) . Al Qaeda said the attack had been carried out by a “Yemeni jihadi”, according to text messages sent to Reuters and other media outlets  (các ngõ truyền thông khác). Officials said they were trying to identify (xác định danh tính) the suicide bomber. The attack comes as the country’s new president said tackling (đối phó với) al Qaeda was a top priority (ưu tiên hàng đầu) for his administration as well as a “national and religious duty”.

Masako Iijima, Reuters


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