Syrian government siege grips Homs


Syrian government siege grips Homs (1:52)

Feb. 19 – The strategic Syrian city of (thành phố chiến lược ..) Homs is being bombarded by government forces (quân đội chính phủ) in a constant siege (bao vây liên tục) that has lasted more than two weeks. Deborah Lutterbeck reports. ( Transcript )

Amateur video (các đoạn phim của giới không chuyên, nghiệp dư) out of (xuất phát từ) Syria appears to show (có vẻ cho thấy cảnh..) the bombardment of Homs. The video, which could not be independently verified by Reuters, comes as (xuất hiện trong lúc mà) Egypt is withdrawing its ambassador in an effort to isolate President Bashar al-Assad. Egypt’s move follows last week’s Arab League call for Arab states to halt diplomatic cooperation with (chấm dứt những hợp tác ngoại giao với) Syria. The United Nations estimates that more than 5,500 people have been killed (bị giết, chết) since the uprising began last March. The Arab plan calls for (kêu gọi) a halt to violence and for Assad to hand power (chuyển giao quyền lực ) to a deputy in order to start talks with the opposition, although the opposition has said it will not hold negotiations with Assad’s government. More footage shows destroyed homes in Homs. The United States, Europe, Turkey and Gulf-led Arab states have all demanded that Assad quit power (rời bỏ quyền lực). The West has ruled out (loại trừ) any Libya-style military intervention but the Arab League, spearheaded by (đứng đầu là) Saudi Arabia, has indicated some of its member states were prepared to arm the opposition (trang bị vũ khí cho phe đối lập). China says it believes a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis is still possible. But Britain’s foreign minister says he fears the Middle Eastern country will slide into civil war. Syria has banned most independent media (các tổ chức truyền thông/ báo đài độc lập) from the country making it difficult to verify accounts from activists (các nhóm hoạt động nhân quyền) or the government.

Deborah Lutterbeck, Reuters

Sarkozy to step up (gia tốc) his reelection bid (nỗ lực tái tranh cử)

A warm welcome for French President Nicolas Sarkozy at a rally (cuộc tụ hội, buổi tập họp lớn ngoài trời) in Marseille, as he steps up his reelection bid. Sarkozy told thousands of his supporters that his policies have saved France from economic ruin.

“Those who behave as if (làm như là.. font comme si.. ) nothing really serious happened in the world in the last three years, those who behave as if the risks to which France had been confronted were anything else than dramatic, well those people are lying to the French. Those people are not doing a service to the French.” As the center-right Sarkozy is grappling with (đỡ gạt với, chiến đấu chật vật ) disapproval ratings as high as 68 percent, he continues to underscore  (nhấn mạnh)his economic stewardship (thành tích lãnh đạo, lèo lái).

“Our generation does not have the right to, it does not have the right to leave to our children the job of paying  (để con cháu chúng ta phải trả) the bills that we would not have had the courage to pay ourselves. If we deny reality, we cannot understand the efforts that have to be made. And if we don’t understand them, we won’t be able to do them, and if they’re not done, well it’s all the French who will suffer (sẽ gánh chịu).” He also spoke of holding the line on () cultural issues, such as implementing a burqa ban in France while others were set to compromise.

“I remember those, who not so long ago, refused the burqa ban because their beliefs were not strong enough. I remember those who wanted to separate men and women in public swimming pools because they were ready to make any compromise with republican values. There cannot be a (không thể nào) compromise with republican values.”

The Presidential race in France began in earnest last week when Sarkozy declared his candidacy for reelection (ra tái ứng cử). Opinion polls show him trailing (thua điểm) the frontrunner by 12 points.

Deborah Lutterbeck, Reuters


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