Pakistanis denounce US after deadly raid (1:24)

Pakistan tố cáo Hoa kỳ sau vụ tấn công chết người

Nov. 27 – Protests erupt across (nổ ra khắp) Pakistan after a cross-border raid (cuộc tấn công qua biên giới) by NATO forces leaves (khiến cho) 24 soldiers dead.
Andrew Raven reports

Pakistanis take to the streets (xuống đường) to denounce the United States. The demonstrations come  (xảy ra) after NATO helicopters and warplanes killed 24 Pakistani soldiers Saturday during a raid  (vụ càn, đợt tấn công) near the Afghan border. The attack – which NATO has aplogized for – has infuriated (làm tức giận) people across the country (khắp nước). Interior Minister Reham Malik condemed  (lên án) the airstrike (vụ không kích) and expressed shock (bày tỏ sự bàng hoàng trước) at the attack. The raid -on a border post (tiền đồn biên giới) well inside (nằm sâu trong) Pakistan – has damaged the already strained relations (quan hệ vốn đã xấu) between Pakistan and the US. Those have been spiraling downward (liên tục đi xuống) since earlier this year when American forces penetrated deep into Pakistan to kill Osama Bin Laden. It has led many ordinary Pakistanis, like this man, to call for an end to (kêu gọi chấm dứt) the alliance (liên minh, quan hệ đồng minh) between the two countries. In response to (phản ứng đáp lại) the raid, Islamabad has ordered US soldiers to leave a base (căn cứ) on Pakistani soil and shut down (đóng cửa) vital supply lines (các tuyến đường tiếp liệu) into Afghanistan.

Andrew Raven, Reuters.


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