arab league meets to consider sanctions

  arab league meets to consider syrian sanctions

REUTERS – A deadline set by (hạn chót đưa ra bởi) the Arab League for Syria to sign a deal (ký kết thỏa thuận) allowing monitors (các quan sát viên) into the country expired on (hết hạn vào ngày) Friday without any Syrian response but Arab governments will give Damascus until the end of the day (cho đến cuối ngày) to answer, an Arab source said.

Arab foreign ministers had said in Cairo on Thursday that unless Syria agreed to let the monitors in to assess progress (đánh giá, thẩm định) of an Arab League plan to end eight months of internal bloodshed (nồi da xáo thịt), officials would consider imposing sanctions (xem xét áp đặt trừng phạt)  on Saturday.

“The deadline has already ended, but the Arab League leaves the door open for (vẫn để rộng cửa, mở ngỏ cho) Syria to reply by the end of the day and if a positive Syrian response comes on Friday, then the Arab League has no objection to (không phản đối) agreeing to it,” the source said.

Another Arab League official (quan chức) , also speaking on condition of anonymity, said Syria had sent a letter ‘seeking further clarifications’. (muốn được làm rõ hơn)The deadline had expired at 1 p.m. (1100 GMT). “Syria did not sign,” he said.

The Arab League suspended Syria’s membership (đình chỉ tư cách thành viên) two weeks ago. League officials (các giới chức của liên đoàn) said they would meet again on Saturday to consider sanctions if Damascus did not sign the agreement. Possible sanctions could include suspending flights to Syria, stopping dealings with the central bank (ngưng giao dịch với ngân hàng trung ương) , freezing Syrian government bank accounts (đóng băng các tài khoản ngân hàng nhà nước Syri) and halting financial dealings (chấm dứt các giao dịch tài chính), according to a statement issued at the end of their meeting.

They could also decide to stop commercial trade (ngừng giao thuơng) with the government ‘with the exception of strategic commodities (các mặt hàng chiến lược) so as not to impact (làm ảnh hưởng đến đời sống của) the Syrian people’, the statement said.

Under the Arab League initiative (theo sáng kiến của..), Syria agreed to withdraw troops from urban centres (trung tâm đô thị), release (thả, trả tự do ) political prisoners, start a dialogue with (khởi động điện thoại) the opposition and allow monitors and international media (truyền thông quốc tế) into the country.

Since then hundreds of people, including civilians, security forces and army deserters (các binh lính bỏ ngủ), have been killed as the unrest – which the United Nations says has claimed at least 3,500 lives since March – continued unabated (tiếp diễn mà không dịu bớt)

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