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Italians pelt eggs and tomatoes (ném trứng và cà chua) at police in Rome. Angry over austerity measures (các biện pháp thắt lưng buộc bụng) , thousands of students took to the streets (xuống đường) near the coliseum (đại hý trường Coliseum).

Few here (not many people here) think new Prime Minister Mario Monti will be able to repair Italy’s ailing economy (nền kinh tế èo uột).



"The Monti government may be able to enjoy its honeymoon period for another couple of weeks because people are so happy that Silvio Berlusconi has gone. But this will finish soon because Monti’s programme is extremely capitalist and follows on with the disastrous idea that the weakest need to pay for this crisis." But that will not stop Monti from attempting to unite the country under its new government.


"The government recongises that it was formed to resolve a serious emergency in a constructive and united spirit. I would like to use the following expression: a government with a national commitment. A government with a national commitment means taking upon itself the task of reconciling the citizens with their institutions."

He warned of dire consequences for EU should the euro currency fail, describing the debt crisis as the hardest days since WW II. Monti added that despite this, Italy is well-equipped to handle the crisis as long as the government worked together.


"There is nothing new in the statements coming from Europe identifying that Italy needs to grow. It is a problem that lies within the Italian system to decide and then enact, what we Italians know well in order for us to grow. We don’t see European constraints as being imposed upon us. More than anything, let me tell you this, there is no "them" and "us". We are Europe."

Jessica Gray, Reuters

|  g . l . o . s . s  |

  • in a constructive and united spirit: trên tinh thần đoàn kết và xây dựng
  • should the euro currency fail: nếu mà đồng tiền chung Châu Âu thất bại
  • debt crisis: khủng hoảng  nợ (công)
  • hardest days: những ngày khó khăn nhất
  • is well-equipped to: có đầy đủ trang bị, đủ năng lực hành động
  • handle the crisis: xử lý khủng hoảng 
  • as long as : chừng nào mà, miễn là, nếu mà
  • don’t seeas being imposed upon us: không xem .. là áp đặt lên chúng ta
  • there is no "them" and "us": không có chuyện “họ” và “chúng ta”.

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