kimchi making event

The intricate and messy business of making kimchi … multiplied by about 2,000. Volunteers in Seoul made more than two hundred tons of the fermented cabbage dish for people in need.

Choi Dong-il, public relations team manager at the Korea Yakult Company Ltd:
"This is our 11th kimchi making event, which is the biggest one in the country, producing 120,000 heads of kimchi, which is almost 270 tons. We’re distributing these to 25,000 households in need across the country." And volunteers came from far and wide, like this university professor. SOUNDBITE: Michael Timpson, Professor at Iwha Woman’s University, saying (English): "I haven’t quite ever seen something quite like this. This is amazing, I mean it’s so wonderful to know that I’m bringing nutrition to people that are in need. It’s great spirit about it." The pungent Korean dish is served at almost every meal and is made by adding a paste of garlic, ginger, fish sauce and chili to salted cabbages. It’s so popular that Koreans say "kimchi" instead of "cheese" when having their pictures taken. Tara Cleary, Reuters

|  g . l . o . s . s  |

  • kimchi making event: lễ hội lảm kim chi
  • multiplied by 2000: bùng lên, nở rộ vào năm 2000
  • a pungent dish: món ăn cay nồng
  • fermented cabbage: băp cải lên men
  • pungent: sâu cay, cay độc (eg.> một nhận xét ~)
  • heads of kimchi: bó, bẹ (cải) kim chi, 
  • households in need: hộ thiếu đói, gia đình nghèo
  • across the country: trên khắp dất nước

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