Rooftop không chỉ thoáng qua

Rooftop does not passes you by … It lingers!

Rooftop không chỉ thoáng qua mà vẫn còn …”


In the quickened pace of living, there are times when one cannot  recall even one’s yesterday 
A good many people, however, wish to see back the bygones..
Up here, Rooftop backs your seeing the yesterdays … that are faraway ..
And let you muse and cue your tape of time

Rooftop  indeed combines fine art, cuisine and music


Morning breakfast coffee. Full variety. Newspapers free reading. TV News home and abroad. What a delightful start of a new day


Tasty set lunches and delicacies high there in the roof, comfortable open space, pleasantly cool, a truly ideal break in the middle of a working day.


Music that sinks your soul in, makes everything romantic, and all .. by enamoring glisten candlelight. A romantic evening,  a feeling of quietness. Gone are tiredness, worries or sorrows of everyday life…


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