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The First period from 2008 to 2010 saw 2,600 houses over the arroyo Ụ Cây  and the west bank of Xom Cui arroyo being cleared. The next period, from 2020 to 2012 will have the clearance of remaining 2,500 houses along the canals Doi, Ong Lon, Ong Nho, and Tau hu.

The next period from 2012 to 2015 will clear the 5,500 houses on the southern bank of Canal Doi, and the west bank of Arroyo Xom Cui. In this period District 8 is expected to have the resolute clearance of the 16,000 houses in 26 slum clusters  (not right along the canals but) scattered all across the district’s area.

In the orientation course of the District 8 People’s Committee, latest by 2020, all the houses in slump and over and along the canals should be converted to high-rise condominium clusters combined with commercial centres in civilized modern standards, aiming at improving the living quality of the population.


The population over and along the arroyo Ong Nho at the north of Ta Quang Buu street, C has 745 households. This is a  self-developed population cluster with many slum and makeshift houses made from short-lived materials scattered along and over the arroyo Ong Nho, over 100 of which have less than 20 sq. meters of area. The City and District 8 authorities have included this area into their Urban Reform Programme to clear up slum houses over and along numerous waterways in District 8 area, and with a resolution to complete before 2015.

In District 8’ s course of orientation, the  Dong Dieu area will be the District’s Sport, Entertainment and Culture Park. The City and District 8 authorities call on investment owners to participate in this Urban Reform Programme to build the park to serve the interest of local population and the relocation of the people living along the arroyo Ong Nho, as part of the said project.

In response to the City’s and District 8’s orientation plan, Minh hang Enterprise, a tourist business in Dong Dieu, has been entrusted with the role of the  investment owner for the Sport, Entertainment and Culture Park’s project, at the north of Ta Quang Buu, Ward 4, District 8. So far, Minh hang Enterprise has accomplished the clearance and compensations of 8 hectares over the total area of 15,484 hectares. The enterprise will proceed with the remaining slum area (6 ha) along the canals as soon as a green light is given from the City’s investment direction.

(trang 4)


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