section#c, pp 10-15

Period 1: Construction of the relocation area. Implementation time 2011 – 2015

Two high-rise appartment modules are expected to be built first at the inner side to ready the first relocation of the households right from the project area, in order to initialize the clearing process for the culture park along the canal. Remaining modules will be built later for the next relocation for other projects belonging to District 8

Period 2: Construction of the park and housing complex. Implementation time 2011 – 2016. Specifially:

  • The culture park proper: 2011-2016. Commencement expected by 2011, with the construction of the infrastructure, related works.  Completion by 2016
  • The housing complex: 2011-2016. Construction of the first housing modules expected by late 2011.Other commercial service modules by 2012. Completion by 2015

(trang 10)


The project location of sport, entertainment and culture park cum service-commercial centre and appartment houses” is planned to sit on the north of Ta Quang Buu street, Ward 4 District 8, Ho Chi minh city (also known as Dong Dieu).
The project area has the following four main neigboorhood:

  • Arroyo Ong Nho to the north
  • Ta Quang Buu street to the south
  • Arroyo Ong Nho to the east
  • Cao Lo street to the west

The project location is near to the bridges Chánh Hưng, Nguyen Tri Phản ứng, Nguyen Van Cu, the Y bridge, Phu My Hung urban area, and Nguyen Van Linh avenue. From this area, residents can readily access the city centre, other districts and the southern provinces.


(trang 11)


1. Climate: the area has its Ho Chi Minh City near-equator tropical climate, with two distint seasons of the year:

  • Dry season: from November to April
  • Rainy season: from May to October
  • Average temperature around the year: 27oC, with a fluctuation of 14oC
  • Mean rainfall: 1971 mm/year
  • Average number of wet days: 154 day/ year
  • Average relative humidity: 52%
  • Main wind: southwest – northwest
  • Average wind velocity: 3.0 – 3.75 m/sec

2. Topography – Geology

a. Topography:

the area is a relatively level terrain, with a number of pools, and belongs to a low weak, ground base of the city.

b. Geology:

Local geologic structure consists of layers of relalively weak load capacity


1. Current use of ground floor:

The project area has a surface of 15,484 hecatres. The current land use is as follows:

  • Existing Dong Dieu entertainment and recreation area of 8 ha, mostly unused land, pools, fishing ponds and some works associated with the restaurant’s entertaintment and recreation quarters


trang 12


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