the fighting isn’t over yet

This is the human toll of heavy fighting still going on in parts of Libya’s capital. Here bodies litter the streets of Abu Saleem, a district in the south of Tripoli. The impoverished neighbourhood had always been championed by Muammar Gaddafi’s regime as the most loyal area of the city. Some of the dead are pro-Gaddafi soldiers. Others in civilian clothing are said to be rebel fighters summarily executed by pro-Gaddafi forces who’d earlier captured them. The fighting isn’t over yet but Libyans who fled to Tunisia to escape the conflict are starting to return in large numbers.

SOUND BITE: Al Ameen, Libyan refugee from Sabha, saying (English): "More Libyan citizens in Tunisia decided to go to Libya. Now more to go Libya than to Tunisia." The rebels’ declaration that they control 90 per cent of Tripoli has given the clearest signal yet to the exiles that Gaddafi’s 42-year regime is over.

<Paul Chapman, Reuters>


|  g . l . o . s . s  | human toll: tổn thất nhân mạng | heavy fighting: giao tranh ác liệt | in parts of : trong một số vùng | bodies litter the streets: xác chết nằm rải rác | in the south of*| impoverished: nghèo khốn, nghèo khổ, khốn khó | pro-Gaddafi soldiers: những quân lính ủng hộ Gaddafi | summarily executed: bị hành quyết một cách qua quýt,  tùy tiện không xét xử rõ ràng *done suddenly, without discussion or legal arrangements | exiles: những người lưu vong | SOUND BITE: lời phát biểu ngắn, đoạn phát biểu | refugee : người tỵ nạn


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