Up at the Village, tiểu thuyết của Somerset Maugham

Published by: Vintage


Up at the Villa Cover

Now a major motion picture (phim chính thức) from USA Films starring (với các diễn viên) Kristin Scott Thomas and Sean Penn, and director (đạo diễn) Philip Haas (director of Angels and Insects).
In Up at the Villa, W. Somerset Maugham portrays a wealthy young English woman who finds herself confronted rather brutally by the repercussions (hệ lụy, hậu quả) of whimsy (thói đồng bóng, nông nổi)
On the day her older and prosperous friend asks her to marry him, Mary Leonard demurs (lưỡng lự, chần chừ) and decides to postpone her reply a few days.  But driving into the hills above Florence alone that evening, Mary offers a ride to a handsome stranger.  And suddenly, her life is utterly, irrevocably altered.
For this stranger is a refugee of war, and he harbors more than one form of passion.  Before morning, Mary will witness bloodshed, she will be forced to seek advice and assistance from an unsavory man, and she will have to face the truth about her own yearnings (khát khao, ước vọng).  Erotic, haunting, and maddeningly suspenseful, Up at the Villa is a masterful tale of temptation (sự cám dỗ) and the capricious nature of fate (tính cách trớ trêu của số phận).



|  g . l . o . s . s  |

  • Synopsis: Tóm tắt, khái quát câu chuyện /a sketchy summary of the main points of an argument or theory
  • capricious nature of fate: tính cách trớ trêu của số phận
  • director (PHIM) đạo diễn
  • yearnings: khát khao, ước vọng
  • demur: lưỡng lự, chần chừ
  • refugee of war: người chạy nạn chiến tranh
  • unsavory: chẳng hay ho gì, không ra chi, bất cập (peu recommandable[persone], mal famé)
  • temptation: sự cám dỗ




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