S&M: Bạo & Khổ dâm

S&M: Sadism and Masochism

The practice of using pain as a sexual stimulant. Some variants of S&M include
* Breast torture
* Spanking: Vỗ hay phát mạnh vào mông 
* Whipping: Quất bằng roi hay dây
* Blood play: làm chảy máu 
* Vaginal torture: hành hạ dày vò chỗ kín 
* ‘CBT,’ Cock and Ball Torture: dùng banh
* Asphyxiation: bóp mũi hay làm nghẹt thở 
* Hot wax: đổ sáp nóng lên người  

2: Slave and Master
See also: Bondage, B&D

"You up for some S&M?" : Are you ready for some S&M
"Gods, no. I bruise easily."


Sadism – originates from the Marquis De Sad, a sexual torturer who was uncovered as having placed women in a dungeon (ngục tối, vọng lâu) and raped them while inflicting pain upon them.

sadist: person enjoying to inflict pain onto others in a sexual way.

Masochism – to enjoy being on the recieving end of sadism. masochists love being whipped by crazy dominatrixes or freakish gang rapists.


1. sadism and masochism: sexual practice involving the giving and recieving of pain. usually, one partner is a sadist who gets pleasure giving pain and the other is a masochist who enjoys recieving it. some times both partners are a little bit of both. sometimes involves items such as whips and hot wax
2. FUN!!!!!!!
see: SM}

"I heard that girl is wild in bed"
"yea, shes into S&M"


Bondage and pain coupled nicely hand in hand.

She asked me if I wanted to have fun but I didn’t think fun involed my cock and her piercing needles

She was so obviously into S&M, based on the whips and handcuffs lying around her room.

15 up, 2 down

S&M stands for Sadomasochism. Which means Pain for Pleasure, lots of people like it this way some like to be hurt by people and some like to hurt people…… S&M is Erotic at its best….


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