belated apology for (a) harrowing error

Japanese airline officials offer a belated apology following public outcry over a harrowing flight error. ANA airline’s plane flipped 140 degrees and dropped 1,900 meters when a co-pilot pressed the wrong button. The co-pilot meant to let the captain back into the cockpit from the bathroom, but instead flipped the switch that controls the rudders (đuôi lái). The incident occurred on September 6, but was only revealed Wednesday. (SOUNDBITE) (Japanese) ANA SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT IN CHARGE OF SAFETY TOSHIFUMI OSHIDA SAYING: "As I said before, I admit it is true, and therefore am deeply sorry for the lack of information being released regarding the incident." Two flight attendants were injured but gravitational forces from the turn kept passengers safely in their seats. Lindsey Parietti, Reuters

|  g . l . o . s . s  |

  • rudders: đuôi lái
  • belated apology: lời xin lỗi muộn màng
  • public outcry: sphản đối của công chúng
  • flight error: sai lỗi phi hành, sai lỗi trong điều khiển bay
  • harrowing flight error: sai lỗi đau đớn, gây khổ sở (! cho hành khách)
  • gravitational forces from the turn: do gia tốc trọng trường của cú quay {cách giải thích không hợp lý, có lẽ là lực ly tâm (centrifugal forces) do cú quay đột ngột)

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