gear: trang bị, trang phục, dụng cụ, đồ lề, bánh răng; sang số

  1. Soldiers in full combat gear (trang phục chiến đấu) stood at attention…
  2. Police in riot gear (trang bị chống bạo loạn) baton-charged the crowd
  3. When the clutch broke, the car was locked into second gear. (số 2, bánh răng hộp số).
  4. The driver tried to change gear (sang số), then swerved…
    The program is geared around (xoay quanh, tập trung) the problems of being a co-dependent.
  5. Peter drove jerkily (giật gấp), cornering (vào cua) too fast and fumbling (quờ quạng cầm nắm) the gears.
  6. The crowd threw petrol bombs at the police, who responded by donning riot gear (mặc trang bị chống bạo động)
  7. I did a double-take (hơi sững sờ) when I saw her dressed in biker’s gear.
  8. He put the truck in gear (vào số) and drove on.
  9. About 100 officers in riot gear (có trang bị chống bạo động) were needed to break up the fight.
  10. fishing gear… : dụng cụ câu cá
  11. They helped us put our gear (máy móc thiết bị)back into the van. The car was in fourth gear… (đang cài số 4)
  12. I used to wear trendy gear (quần áo thời thượng) but it just looked ridiculous.
  13. On hills, he must use low gears… (số nhỏ, số thấp, số mạnh)
    Colleges are not always geared to (đáp ứng) the needs of mature students…
  14. My training was geared towards winning gold in Munich.
    gear up    …another indication that the Government is gearing up for an election…
    gear up    The factory was geared up to make 1,100 cars a day.
    indicate  He told us when to indicate and when to change gear.
    itemize    Itemise your gear and mark major items with your name and post code.
    lashing    We made a tour of the yacht, checking lashings and emergency gear.
    line       The device itself was right under the vehicle, almost in line with the gear lever…
    low        She selected a low gear and started down the track carefully.
    machine    …machined brass zinc alloy gears.
    perimeter  Officers dressed in riot gear are surrounding the perimeter fence.
    rank       Ranks of police in riot gear stood nervously by…
    run        He ran the last block to the White House with two cases of gear…
    scream     She slammed the car into gear, the tyres screaming as her foot jammed against the accelerator…
    spar       With protective gear on you can spar with a partner…
    spin       This driving mode allows you to move off in third gear to reduce wheel-spin in icy conditions.
    tangle     He suggested that tangling fishing gear should be made a criminal offence.
    top        They were sensibly dressed from top to toe in rain gear.

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