B like “bottom line”

1. bottom line: kết quả kinh doanh; lời lỗ, lợi nhuận {dòng số dưới cùng}

the amount of money that is a profit or a loss after everything has been calculated:
eg.> The drop in sales had a big impact on our bottom line
eg.> The bottom line for 2005 was a pre-tax profit of 60 million. euros  a bottom-line loss of $281 million  eg.> The sales team have done well in improving the bottom line  focusing on bottom-line results

2. bottom line: điều thiết yếu nhất eg.> The bottom line is that we have to make a decision today. |the most essential point|

3 bottom line: giá chót, giá thấp nhất có thể chấp nhận eg.> Two thousand-and that’s  my bottom line!

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