Explosion in Gaddafi stronghold

Nổ lớn trong đồn lũy của Gaddafi

Libyan rebels tightened their hold (siết chặt gọng kìm) on areas outside of Tripoli on Saturday . After a five-day standoff (giằng co, bất phân thắng bại) with Gaddafi loyalists in the Jmayl, about 100 rebels in pick-up trucks (xe tải nhẹ, tải mui trần) drove through (chạy xe qua) the town firing their guns wildly (loạn xạ) in the air in celebration (ăn mừng) and flashing (đưa tay làm dấu) V-for-victory signs. They also hoisted their flag (trương cờ lên) at a border post (đồn biên giới ) on the road to Tunisia. Rebels could not claim victory however in the coastal city of Zawahara where a pocket of (ổ kháng cự) Gaddafi loyalists (quân trung thành) are waging a fierce battle with (chiến đấu quyết liệt chống..) rebels. A column of smoke hung over the city (bốc lên bầu trời thành phố) following an large explosion (tiếng nổ lớn) in the port area. Libyan rebels said Gaddafi forces were shelling (bắn phá) the coastal road in an apparent attempt to cut rebel links from Tripoli to the Tunsian border.

Deborah Gembara, Reuters

|  G . L . O . S . S  |
attempt to: một nỗ lực muốn..
CUT THE LINKS BETWEEN.. cắtt liên lạc
wage a battle with: tiến hành chiến tranh chồng

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