Wall Street improves as G-20 meets

Wall Street looks a whole lot better than it did 24 hours ago when a massive sell-off began, ending with a more than three-percent drop across the board (trên toàn bộ bảng niêm yết) by the close. Investors are hoping there will be some kind of coordinated central bank action. Finance Ministers and central bankers from 20 of the world’s important economies began meeting late-Thursday and talks continue Friday in Washington. So far, the group says it will take all steps needed to calm (làm ổn định) the global financial system. Investors are responding not-so-positively to the news that Hewlett-Packard has its third leader (chủ tịch) in less than two years. Shares of the technology giant are trading near six-year lows following the announcement former eBay CEO Meg Whitman has taken the top job.

Conway Gittens, Reuters


|  G . L . O . S . S  |

  • drop: rớt giá
  • sell-off sự bán ra: eg.> a massive ~ / sự bán ra ào ạt
  • massive: rất lớn, huge, ồ ạt all-out
  • across the board: khắp bảng điểm, trên toàn bộ bảng điện tử:
  • by the close: lúc đóng cửa (giao dịch)
  • coordinated action: hành động phối hợp, concerted effort
  • some kind of: some sort of
  • all steps needed: all necessary steps
  • calm: to stabilize, to get rid of unreasonable or chaotic fluctuations
  • not-so-positively: not as positively as expected
  • expected: anticipated or predicted
  • technology giants: large corporations with technology business

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