China ‘land grab protests’ (1:01)


Dân chúng TQ biểu tình phản đối “cướp đất”


Debris strewn (rơi vải khắp nơi) in the street outside this police station in southern China gives weight to (là bằng chứng cho) reports of the violent protests some newspaper reports say took place here. Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post says this and other government buildings in Lufeng were attacked by thousands angered by (phẩn nộ vì) the seizure of land (cướp đoạt đất đai). People whose land in Guangdong Province was sold to a property developer (công ty phát triển nhà đất)for more than 156 million dollars took to the streets (đổ ra đường) to demand the return (trả lại) of their property. About a dozen people were injured during the protests. A municipal government (chính quyền thành phố) statement said police officers were also hurt and police vehicles wrecked (bị phá hỏng). Land grabs are generally carried out by private or state-linked (có dính tới chính quyền)companies but with the acquiescence (sự ủng hộ ngầm) of local governments. The unrest (bất ổn, rối ren) in Lufeng erupted on Wednesday and is not over yet.

Paul Chapman, Reuters

|  G . L . O . S . S  |

  • property developer: công ty phát triển nhà đất
  • municipal government: chính quyền thành phố
  • state-linked: có dính tới chính quyền
  • acquiescence: sự ủng hộ ngầm
  • debris: mảnh vỡ, gạch đá vụn
  • take to the streets: đổ ra đường
  • strew: rơi vải khắp nơi
    STREW, STREWED, STREWN, scatter all over a place
  • gives weight to: là bằng chứng cho
  • angered by: phẩn nộ vì
  • seizure of land: cướp đoạt đất đai
  • return of their property: trả lại tài sản 
  • wrecked (bị phá hỏng)
  • unrest: bất ổn, rối ren.
  • Lufeng: Lư Phong (?)

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