measure: mức độ, biện pháp

5. khá nhiều, dồi dào eg.> The improvements  are due in large measure to  his leadership. |in large measure/in some measure , a lot or quite a lot – used when talking about the reason or cause of something|
4. một mức độ: eg.> The new law gives local governments a significant measure of control over their own finances. eg.> I met a number of sportsmen who had achieved a measure of success   (= some success ). |amount   a measure of something   an amount of something good or something that you want, for example success or freedom |

3. số đo:  eg.> a table of  weights and measures |unit of measurement   a) an amount or unit in a measuring system ,  b) a standard amount of an alcoholic drink : nồng độ (cồn trong máu)|

2 thước đo: : eg.> The flowers and tears at the funeral were a measure of the people’s love for her. eg.> Exam results are not necessarily  a true measure of  a student’s abilities. eg.> The flowers and tears at the funeral were a measure of the people’s love for her. |sign/proof   be a measure of something   formal   be a sign of the importance, strength etc of something, or a way of testing or judging something |

biện pháp, hành động; bước đi //action   an action, especially an official one, that is intended to deal with a particular problem  SYN  step : 
Measures  are being  taken  to reduce crime in the city. 
drastic/tough/extreme etc measures : biện pháp cực đoan, cứng rắn
eg.> drastic measures to reduce traffic problems
eg.> New  safety measures  were being demanded after last night’s horrific train crash. eg.> The new bridge was erected as a  temporary measure  to replace the one which was destroyed by floods.
precautionary/preventative measure  (= something done to stop something bad from happening ) eg.> He was kept in hospital overnight as a precautionary measure.

trọn vẹn
: the full measure eg.> Ralph received the full measure of his mother’s devotion. |formal   if someone gives something back in full measure, they give back as much as they received|

đầy đủ: in full measure eg.> They returned our hospitality in full measure. |the full measure of something =  formal   the whole of something|

biện pháp nửa vời: half measures //things done to deal with a difficult situation that are not effective or firm enough : 
This was no time for half measures and compromises.

cũng không kém: in equal measure eg.> I was angry and embarrassed in equal measure. |used when the amount of one thing is the same as the amount of another thing| 
có hay hơn không: for good measure eg.> Why don’t you try phoning them one more time, for good measure? |= in addition to what you have already done, given, or included|

hẵn là, rõ là, không phải nói: beyond measure  eg.> Her work has  improved beyond measure |very much or very great – used when you want to emphasize what you are saying| 


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