nghề làm tóc

Posted August 1st, 2011 by minhthien

Amy’s a great [hairdresser]. She always cuts my hair in a way that suits my face: thợ làm tóc

If it’s a special occasion he’ll go to his [barber] for a trim, otherwise he just cuts his hair himself: tiệm cắt tóc

The [stylist] completely changed how Beth looked. Now her wavy hair is completely straight: người tạo mẫu tóc (cắt, tạo kiểu, nhuộm..)

wavy hair: tóc quăn, tóc dợn sóng

straighten one’s hair / get one’s hair straightened: làm thẳng tóc

straighteners: máy duổi tóc

dye one’s hair / get one’s hair dyed: nhuộm tóc

bleach one’s hair / get one’s hair bleached: tẩy tóc tạo màu (làm cho tóc vàng hoe bằng cách sử dụng thuốc tẩy để loại bỏ màu tự nhiên)

Marilyn Monroe is one of the world’s most famous blondes. Lots of woman want to [bleach their hair] to try to look like her: tẩy tóc cho vàng

do one’s roots / get one’s roots done: làm cho tóc mới dài ra hợp màu với tóc đã được nhuộm trước

No-one’s going to believe you’re a dark-haired beauty with all that grey showing mum! You really should go to the hairdresser’s this weekend and [get your roots done]: nhuộm phần chân tóc

I’d like a [cut and blow-dry] please: gội cắt và làm khô

I’m trying to grow my hair just now so I just want a [trim] please: tỉa bớt, tỉa gọn

The summer’s here, so I’d like it [short all over] please: cắt ngắn ở phía sau và hai bên

// a short, back and sides


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