turkey to expel israeli ambassador over sea raid


Turkey says it will expel (trục xuất) Israel’s ambassador over (về việc, in connection with) the country’s refusal to apologize for last year’s deadly raid (vụ đột kích làm chết nhiều người) on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla. The move (động thái, hành động) is certain to further strain (làm căng thẳng) relations between the 2 nations.
In May last year, Israeli troops raided a flotilla (một đội tàu nhỏ) attempting to carry relief supplies (hàng cứu trợ) to the Gaza Strip, which is under Israeli naval blockade (phong tỏa đường biển). The incident left (làm cho, để lại hậu quả) 9 Turkish activists (người hoạt động xã hội) dead.
The Turkish government had been demanding that Israel officially apologize for the raid before the United Nations issued its report (đưa ra báo cáo) on the incident (vụ việc, chuyện xảy ra).
But after the report was posted on the website of The New York Times, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu held an emergency news conference on Friday.
He said Israel should be punished for acting as if it were above international law (đứng trên luật pháp quốc tế) and for disregarding (xem thường) basic human rights (quyền cơ bản của con người).
Davutoglu said Turkey will expel Israel’s ambassador by Wednesday. Turkey has also suspended military ties with Israel, including cancelling joint military drills (diễn tập quân sự chung).
Turkey is one of the few Middle Eastern countries with diplomatic ties to (có quan hệ ngoại giao với) Israel.
The Israeli government issued a statement (đưa ra tuyên bố) reaffirming its regret for the loss of life, but saying that it will never apologize for acts committed in self-defense (tự vệ) by its soldiers.
The statement added that Israel recognizes the importance of historical ties with Turkey, and that it will continue to work to resolve the dispute (giải quyết vụ tranh cãi)
The Islamic militant group (tổ chức chiến binh Hồi giáo) Hamas, which controls Gaza, issued a statement welcoming Turkey’s decision to expel Israel’s ambassador.
It said the decision is a natural response to the crime that Israel committed against (hành phạm đối với) the flotilla.

Saturday, September 03, 2011 07:54 +0900 (JST)


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