Letter from the Heart


Namo Sakya Muni Buddha

To the attention of: The Most Venerable, Senior Masters, Virtuous Monks and Nuns

Dear Esteemed Buddha’s Sons and Daughters home and abroad,

Dear Esteemed Maecenas and Benefactors

Dieu Giac Pagoda, 6/10 Tran Nao, Ward Binh An, Dist. 2, Ho Chi Minh City

Dear Honorable Colleagues

Dear Esteemed Benefactors

In the decades of 1960s and 1970s, our Teachers, the late Master, Senior Master Dieu Ha Khong, during her dissemination trip in the South had set her foot on this place (now District 9). Our Teacher established the Dieu Giac Pagoda, in this isolated area then surrounded by paddy fields, virgin swamps and water pools. Dieu Giac Pagoda has been since not simply the house of Buddhist cultivation for nuns, but also a quiet religious place to the Buddha’s sons and daughters. The Pagoda also provides education and shelter for many underprivileged and illiterate boys and girls. It even provides babysitting for children of poor families so that their parents can securely go out on the fields to earn their living (many an unattended child might get drowned in a pool every now and then while their parents were not around). In these times, the premises was a simple shelter, except for the Buddha’s altar being a decent place of worship and recitation, the rest were mostly classrooms.

After yeas of time, our pagoda has gravely deteriorated, especially in rainy seasons, and in high tides, when the pagoda ground is helplessly flooded. Despite many times of raising the floor levels, the Pagoda wall’s remaining height is now a bare 2,8 meter, with its base deeply submerged in water, weakened and damaged. Sewage water together with dirty refuse invades to reach inner Sanctuary place. The Pagoda roof also has many cracks and leaks, which need to be mended and repaired every year. And all this gives us a lot of worries.
Before this situation, our late Pagoda Abbess together with all Dieu Giac nun sisters had mulled over day and night, and made a strong wish and determination to a complete upgrade of the Pagoda, with which she had bonded all her life and merits. The renovation was scheduled to commence in 2012. Unfortunately, good wish unfulfilled, our Abbess, passed away in the late week of Bao Ha month of the year New Cat 2011, and a good many dreams and works had to be postponed because of her life fulfillment in this world.

We are the youger nun sisters and disciples to follow the steps and gracious aspirations of our late sister Abbess, to accomplish her utmost dream: The Dieu Giac Pagoda as a serene, solemn and long-lasting place of religious practice for all Buddhists’ generations, now and future. And no one shall ever suffer the sight of misfortune described above.

Dear Honorable Colleagues

Dear Esteemed Benefactors,

I dare not put my aspirations before that of our Abbess Sister, but I can no longer remain quiet at the sight of the Pagoda helplessly flooded in every time of rainfall.

Neither can I, by myself alone, implement this great wish of the heart. This was the last heartfelt dream of our Abbess and also that of all our Dieu Giac nun sisters.

We, therefore, turning to the Buddhas, the Great Bodhisattva, Dragon and Devas Protectors, to pray sincerely. We wish to have the attention of our Honorable Colleagues and your kind assistance to help us with the gracious grace. We eagerly call on all Buddhists and Benefactors near and far, home or abroad, to be so kind as to show your Buddhist heart and offer your merit’s contributions to the Dieu Giac Pagoda’s realization of this great work of Salvation.
We understand the difficulties of living in the time of economic downturn and depression, and yet hope each of us can, depending on conditions and capabilities, contribute your part to the merits of all.

Our reverence to the Buddhas! All nuns and orphans at Dieu Giac Pagoda would like to wish you all, Honorable Buddhist Colleagues, a joyous and peaceful heart and the fulfillment of all your wishes

Dieu Giac Pagoda, Varsavasana Season in Year of The New Cat



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