Huricane preps underway (1:29)

Aug. 26 – Residents along the U.S.’s east coast prepare for landfall of Hurricane Irene. Julie Noce reports.

As the threat of Hurricane Irene bears down on eastern coastal states in the U.S., residents in North Carolina are taking precautions. Sheets of plywood used to board up windows are flying off the shelves at a hardware store in Morehead City. Although somewhat experienced with hurricanes, residents say better safe than sorry. (SOUNDBITE) PHIL STERANKA: “Well, this one doesn’t look good right now. I’ve been here through Bertha, and some others, and stuff like that. It’s been awhile since we’ve had one, and we’re due to have a bad storm, and let’s hope that this one gets by before things get real bad. I hope it goes out to sea. I don’t want anybody to see these hurricanes.” The hurricane is expected to make landfall on Saturday, as a category three… then travel up the east coast, possibly all the way to (đi suốt tới tận) New York city. Mayor Bloomberg warned residents Thursday, saying it was better to err on the side of caution (cứ cẩn thận thừa vẫn hơn).
“For the general public, it’s a good idea to move on Friday, and keep in mind it is possible, I don’t know that I want to say likely (sao đó) but it would be a way to phrase it, that Saturday morning at 8 o’clock we are going to say ‘Look the forecast has not changed. The storm is still barreling down (bám đuổi) on us. It’s still very dangerous. You must get out of these areas.'” Meterologists say the storm will weaken as it travels up the coast. Julie Noce, Reuters

g . l . o . s . s

it ‘s better to err on the side of caution: cẩn thận thừa vẫn hơn
I don’t know that I want to say likely: tôi không biết phải nói sao..
but it would be a way to phrase it..: cơ thể nói như vầy
and stuff like that: đại loại như thế
better safe than sorry: vẩn tắc vô ưu


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