Israeli aircraft strike Gaza (0:55)


Máy bay Israel tấn công dãi Gaza

This man, along with at least two others, was injured in an Israeli airstrike on the Gaza Strip Thursday. The Israeli army said that aircraft had struck several tunnels in the Rafah area — tunnels that they claim were used for smuggling. A strike also hit a tunnel in Gaza City, which Israel claims was used for ‘terrorist activities’. The violence comes after Palestinians allegedly fired rockets into southern Israel on Wednesday. This latest string of airstrikes may signal the end of a relatively quiet period along Israel’s restive border with the Hamas-run territory. Travis Brecher, Reuters

g . l . o . s . s

airstrike: vụ không tập, vụ tấn công bằng máy bay
claim: tuyên bố
comes: xảy ra, happens
allegedly: theo cáo buộc
string of: một chuỗi các, a series of một loạt những ..
signal the end of: báo hiệu sự kết thúc
relatively quiet period: giai đoạn tương đối yên tĩnh
Hamas-run territory: lãnh thổ do Hamas quản lý


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