London police have released (cho công bố) CCTV footage (một đoạn phim) of a man trying to protect a shop from being looted (hôi của) being attacked with a fire extinguisher (bình chữa lửa). The force has now charged (buộc tôi) 1,015 people out of 1,781 arrests (vụ bắt giữ, người bị bắt) in the capital in connection with (liên quan đến) last week’s violence. Around 500 police officers are involved in (đã tham gia) Operation Witnern, chasing down (truy bắt) looters and rioters (bọn hôi của và phá rối) . 125 of them are dedicated to combing (dò tìm lọc ra) through 20,000 hours of CCTV footage. The latest clip to be released shows a member of the public outside a mobile phone shop in Clapham, south London, trying to stop a group from smashing the windows. The group then turn on (tấn công) the man and set a fire extinguisher off (cho phun, bắn vào) in his face, before smashing (đập vỡ) the glass windows and breaking into (xông vào) the shop. Police do not yet know who the victim is and are appealing (kêu gọi) for him to come forward (xuất hiện, ra gặp và cho biết vụ việc). Forensic and crime scene examiners (chuyên viên pháp y và các nhà điều tra hiện trường) have been working on more than 1,100 crime scenes (màn, trường hợp  tội phạm) across London (toàn khắp Luân Đôn) Images from CCTV are being circulated (lưu hành) via the Met Police’s Flickr page. Approximately 7.8 million people have viewed them so far on the photo sharing website.


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