OPEN LETTER, Dieu Giac Pagoda

The Unified Vietnamese Buddhist Congregation

Dieu Giac Pagoda – District 2

Buddha’s Calendar 2552, 01 December, 2008

(Re: the overall upgrading of Dieu Giac Pagoda)

Namo Sakya Muni Buddha

– Dear Esteemed Buddha’s Sons and Daughters home and abroad,

– Dear Maecenas and Benefactors

Our Dieu Giac Pagoda (Chùa Diệu Giác) is located at 6/10 Tran Nao, Ward Binh An, Dist. 2, Ho Chi Minh City. I, the writer of this letter, Buddhist monk Thich Nu Bao Nguyet, currently Head of the Pagoda, would like to send to you all the following heartfelt words:

Back in time, 40 years ago, this pagoda’s place was an remote and deserted area of swamps and lakes. Our dear Master being late Abbess Thic Nu Dieu Khong, in her dissiminating trip to the South, had visited the place and expressed her wish to establish a pagoda on this site.

By chance of good grace, Mrs. Mai Khanh, the widow of Mr. Nguyen Van Anh, alias Bui Phuong, who showed his kindness of heart to offer an uncultivated piece of land for the Buddha’s site. The late Master had responsively built a small thatch-walled pagoda with metal sheet roof, giving it the name of Dieu Giac pagoda. The Master had later handed it over to me as the fifth disciple, and assigned me the duty of maintenance and continuation to future generations.

Buddhist nun Hue Tri and I had no hesitation to take on this Pagoda to follow the assigment of our founding Master. With time, the population gathered and grew, the area gradually joined the urbannization. Our Pagoda itself has undergone several rebuilding and restorations to accommodate with the landscape. Yet all the works have been just makeshift improvements with raw and short-lived materials. Our Pagoda, besides its function as a place of religious activities for the population, is home to 130 abandoned and orphaned children to fulfill its obligation to relieve human sufferings.

Today, in the surrounding landscape, many new buildings and high-rises are growing, our pagoda, with its degraded foundation, appears submerged under the road levels. In rainy seasons, and tidal floods the pagoda’s ground is inundated in water, and so is the main hall. We have to move all worship objects and other materials up the to the Buddha altar. All our Buddhist colleagues and nuns feel heart-broken seeing the situations and have many times gathered for a way to upgrade our pagoda to avoid these frequent inundations.

This should be the last upgrading restoration, and also my utmost heart-and-blood dream of in my life, given my advanced age and poor health.

I wish there shall be a secured and solemn of Monastery of Three Treasures, with large main hall to be a work of Buddhist culture and morals. That wish fulfilled, I shall have nothing to regret to quit this world and the pagoda which I have bonded with since its foundation and throughout my life.

I am writing this open letter to you, all our esteemed Buddhist colleagues and benefactors, requesting your kindness of heart to support Dieu Giac Pagoda in its endeavour to fulfill the hope of our founding Master. The merits you contribute shall be great and growing to the many future generations.

We would like to express our immense gratitude and sincerely dedicate your kind merits to Buddha.

We wish you all and your families health, prosperity, great convenience and happiness

Namo the Merits of Bodhisattva, Mahasattva.

All correspondence, please contact:

Buddhist Nun Thich Nu Bao Nguyet
(Thái Thị Lê)

177 (old number: 6/10) Tran Nao, Binh An, Dist. 2

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Tel: 37410020 – 37400539

Fax: 37400640

Head of Dieu Giac Pagoda
(signed and sealed)


Buddhist Nun Thich Nu Bao Nguyet


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