No leads on U.S. man’s abduction in Pakistan (2:27)

Aug. 20 – Pakistani minister says investigation underway but no clues yet on U.S. man’s abduction. Deborah Lutterbeck reports. ( Transcript )
Pakistani officials continue to search for clues into the kidnapping of an American development expert but have met with no success so far. In a pre-dawn raid on Saturday (August 13), up to eight assailants broke into the house of Warren Weinstein, the country director for J.E. Austin Associates, in the eastern city of Lahore and abducted him after overpowering security guards. Rana Sanaullah, Law minster for Punjab Province SOUNDBITE: Rana Sanaullah, Law minster for Punjab Province, saying (Urdu): “There has not been any significant progress, in the sense, that someone has not called us identifying himself and asking for ransom money or something. His gunman and driver are being interrogated. On the basis of that, we are trying hard to recover him.” The brazen raid has raised concerns among aid workers, diplomats and other foreigners working in Pakistan, which is battling an Islamist militancy and where anti-American sentiments run very high. SOUNDBITE: Rana Sanaullah, Law minster for Punjab Province, saying (Urdu): “We became more watchful since Raymond Davis’ incident. At that time a letter was sent to Warren from the Lahore police chief. We offered him a police escort, deployed police at his house, but he resisted our attempts.” The police have detained a number of people, including the security guards and Weinstein’s driver, for questioning after the kidnapping. Authorities, however, said they had not uncovered the motive behind the crime. Weinstein’s friends in the aid community have strenuously denied rumors he was working for any intelligence agency. A U.S. Embassy spokeswoman also denied it. Deborah Lutterbeck, Reuters


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